Friday, February 12, 2010


Positioned and ready at the top of the hill Markie and Dad are ready to go sledding for the first time.  The question on every one's mind is "Will Markie like it or not?"  Ringing through the crisp cold air you hear Dad's clear voice sing out, "do, do, do, do...CHARGE!!!"  Dad pushes off and down they go.  Seconds later Markie's high pitched little voice screams out, "WWWWEEEEEEE!"  As they reach the bottom of the hill Markie and dad are all smiles, mom runs over to snap a couple of pictures and see how things went, but Markie doesn't want to wait for pictures.  Markie desperately tries to scramble out of dad's arms so he can run up the hill and go down again.  

The young men and women in our ward had a sledding activity a few weeks ago and Brett and I decided to take Markie.  Because I am as big as a house, we felt it best that I stand at the bottom and take pictures.  Markie and Brett were able to go down about 6 times before they handed the sled off to another youth because Markie was getting a little cold.  Don't they look so cute!


  1. Awesome! And I am very glad you were just a spectator. If you hadn't, I would have had to come up there and strap you to a kitchen chair with saran wrap.

  2. big as a house?.....I don't think you will know what that is like, ever!! Sledding is so fun with kids, until you have to pull all of their sleds up for them!! Good exercise though :)

  3. Fun!!! I'm glad Mark liked it but I can't imagine him not likeing it - just knowing him.