Friday, October 23, 2009

Pigs are flying

Why couldn't they call Swine Flu something cuter than "Swine Flu"?  It hasn't been any fun telling people that I got "Swine Flu", so I started to say that the pigs are flying at my house, or I am grunting like a little pig.  Because of the seriousness of swine flu nobody thought I was funny, oh well, I still do. :)  Yes, for those who haven't heard I some how got swine flu.  Now before you all send me posts asking if I am alright, you know I am because I am posting now.  The funny thing is I was debating on getting the H1N1 vac. for about the past 3 months.  Many people were telling me I should get the vac. others were saying it hasn't been fully tested who knows what it will do to your baby.  I was going back and forth and finally on Tuesday I decided that I was going to get the shot at my next doctors appointment, which was on Thursday.  I must have waited too long because I came down with swine flu on Tuesday--go figure.  If you had asked me how I felt that day I would have said I understood why they call it swine flu--because you feel like a herd of ugly, smelly, fatty swine have just trampled you on their way to a 7 course meal.  Tuesday was definitely my worst day--but after that day I haven't felt all that bad.  I do have to give all the credit to Heavenly Father on that.  On Monday, before I started flying with the piggies, I had the feeling that I needed to look up the symptoms of Swine Flu.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet it only took a few minutes.  Because I followed that feeling when I started to feel yucky the next day I knew exactly what was going on and I was at the doctors office before I spiked a fever.  I was able to get on the meds right as I came down with the flu, and that has made all the difference.  I also feel that because of many people praying for me and the baby the flu was tempered so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  My testimony of prayer and the fact that the Lord is watching out for me really grew this week.  I am also greatful for the blessing we have of the Holy Ghost which can prompt us and give us feelings of things we can to do protect ourselves and our families.  Things would have been different if I hadn't felt that prompting on Monday, I probably would have suffered a lot more.  Sometimes I think we suffer a lot more then is needful because we are unwilling to listen or not tuned in properly.  We have so many things going on in our lives that we have a tough time stopping just to listen.  During the past three days I have had the opportunity to read most of 1st Nephi and part of 2nd Nephi, there are some beautiful promises and verses in Nephi, if we could just remember and apply all the wonderful gems that Nephi and Lehi are teaching just think about how much better our lives would be.  We truly are blessed to have the scriptures at our fingertips. 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Names and What's your guess?

If the baby is a girl, her name will be Annabelle--Ann(a) for my middle name, and belle because that was my dad's nickname for me. If the baby is a boy, his name will be James Haroldsen--James after one of Brett's great uncles on his mothers side, and Haroldsen because that is Brett's middle name and because Brett doesn't like his first name for a middle name and he doesn't want a junior. Before Brett and I got married I told him that our first son would have to be named Mark Taylor after my younger brother who died when I was in kindergarten, and our first girl would have to be named Annabelle. I asked if that was ok with him and he agreed thus Mark Taylor, and if this baby is a girl Annabelle. Anybody want to make any guesses to whether the baby is a boy or a girl? I won't find out for a while but it would be fun to know what you think.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The BEST Birthday present ever!

With all this baby announcement stuff, and the fact that I don't like birthdays, I have let my birthday slip past without saying anything.  However, Brett gave me something for my birthday that I just have to tell everybody about.  Brett knows that my favorite thing in the whole world is to spend time together as a family.  Well with soccer and other school responsibilities the morning of my birthday he said that he wouldn't be able to be home until around 9:30 that night.  I was rather bummed, but I knew that responsibilities needed to come first.  Well, at 1:00 I went to answer the door and standing there with a gift in has hands was Brett.  I was confused and asked what he was doing at home in the middle of the day, and he said that he decided to use some personal time and take a half day off of work.  He called in a sub, told his student teacher she was in charge, and he came home to spend the day with me until he had to go to soccer, but by that time I had to go to mutual.  We didn't do anything much--we rented a movie from Red Box for a dollar, and played the Wii together, and then our neighbor said she would watch Mark so we could go out to dinner.  Like I said we didn't do much but it was the opportunity to be together that made it so special.  I really have a great husband!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Announcement

Due Date: April 24, 2010