Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Cake Fun

A tradition in my house while I was growing up was to choose the kind of cake we got, not just the flavor but also the shape. I chose a clown cake, a people cake (shaped like the 'Little People' with 'Little People' around it), a roller skate cake, as well as many others. I always loved that tradition so I have decided to do it with my family. The first cake I got was an elephant cake and thus both Markie and James first year cakes are elephant cakes. Last year Markie wanted a basketball cake which turned out pretty cute. This year Mark wanted a soccer cake.

Markie's soccer cake

James's first birthday elephant cake

Both cakes were a lot of fun to make and it is interesting the love I feel for each child as I work on each cake. I really think about each child as I am designing their cake and I feel a special bond with them as I try to make their special day just a little bit more special with a fun cake. Thank you mom for always putting in the extra time to make my birthday special by making my birthday cake fun and unique.