Monday, August 17, 2009

Mini Schwieder Family Reunion

Brett and I were in charge of the Mini Schwieder Reunion the year.  We had a lot of fun activities planned however those plans had to be scratched because of the weather.  Bummer.  So we sent everyone on a digital camera scavenger hunt around the city.  These are two of the many historical sights that can be seen in Idaho Falls and Iona.  The upside down "V" is the Vietnam Memorial, planners decided the "V" should be upside down because people aren't sure if the was was actually a victory.  And then the building that Brett is standing in front of used to be an LDS church house, then it was changed into and elementary school where Brett went to school, and now it is the Iona City Building/library.  

As part of the mini Schwieder Reunion that Brett and I planned we went to a climbing wall in Idaho Falls.  Thanks to Brett working at the YMCA we were able to use their rock wall for free.  Brett has been a rock climber for many years, he used to go a lot before we got married but hasn't gone much since.  As you can see he still loves it!  Looking at on the wall, you wouldn't believe that I was afraid of heights would you?  

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Isn't Marky Sparky so cute!!!  This is how he likes to spend his days either playing at the playground, running from the swings to the slide, or taking all his sippy cups out of his drawer so he can sit in it.  What a silly little boy.

"15 tons what do ya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt."  Well unless the 15 tons are free.  Brett has had this dream of doing raised flower beds and creating a place for a bench and a lamp post, I always say we are creating a place for our kids to kiss their boyfriends/girlfriends.  Our neighbor said he could get a dump truck load of dirt for us. Which we received a months ago and Brett and other neighbors have had fun wheel barreling it to our planters.  Way to go muscles! 

Just one of the many reasons why I love summer.  I now my garden looks horrible now that it is being over run with weeds, however it has been so much fun tending it this summer.  I have grown peas, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, corn, carrots, and onions.  I also planted pumpkins and bell peppers but they didn't work out too well this summer.  From my garden I have been able to freeze two quarts of peas, and 13 pints of green beans.  I have 16 tomato plants and so as soon as the tomatoes ripen up I am going to bottle those as well.  If you can't tell because of all the weeds the first picture is of my tomato and potato garden and the second is a picture of everything else.

During the summer Brett takes on a second job working at the YMCA.  Last year they paid for him to receive is Commercial Drivers License, as well as work with the kids as a counselor. This year he has been, Bus Driver Brett.  He takes the kids to the rock wall, the swimming pool, and each Wednesday he takes them on their field trip.  He has been able to see some pretty cool places.  Some of his favorites have been the Ghost Town in Montana, Hogle Zoo, and Lagoon.  Mark and I had the opportunity to Hogle Zoo with Brett.  Since we were already down in Utah, Mark and I visited my parents house and had a great time.