Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh boy!

To those of you who have not heard or had the chance to see Mark in his "announcement onesie", we were told last Monday that we are having a boy.  I made a shirt for Mark that said on the front, in bright pink, "Oh no...", and on the back in blue it said "I get a bro!"  It was so much fun to see the reactions of my parents as well as my in-laws, especially since everyone thought that he was going to be a she.  Because the doctor had to cancel all of his appointments because he was delivering a baby, I talked the nurse into doing the ultrasound.  She spent 15-20 minutes just showing me my baby, it was awesome!  I get to go back in on the 9th for another ultrasound so the doctor can do all the measurements.  I don't mind looking in on James again.