Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Moved!!!

Our plan this summer was to take the kids to DisneyLand, however sometimes the Lords plans are different then ours.  To make a long story short, Brett was offered an art position in Ranchester, Wyoming.  After a lot of fasting, praying, and going to the temple we felt that we were being guided and that was we were supposed to go.

We moved out of our house and lived at David and Gwen's for 3 months.  We were worried that our house may not sell when we needed to, but with the Lord's help it sold 10 days after we put in on the market.

Andrew, my little helper.

Saying "good-bye"to Grandma and Grandpa Great.  We love you and miss you!

Stuffing the U-haul


Sleeping on Grandma's floor the night before we left.  Everything else was packed, less than 12 hours later their little lives completely changed.

All ready!

The boys are packed and ready to go.

Good-bye Idaho, we will miss you!

St. Patrick's Day 2013

In Preschool Mark made a Leprechaun trap, so Mark thought it would be fun to do the same at home.  He painted a picture and had me cut a door in the side.  We also wrapped the box with fun wrapping paper and then Mark put a sock inside for a pillow, so the Leprechaun could sleep.  We then went to church, and hoped that the Leprechaun would come.

The trap is set.

The Leprechaun came however, our cat scared him.  He made a mess of the boys room trying to get away from the cat.  And as he left he dropped his rainbow and pot of gold.

 The mess the Leprechaun left.

And his rainbow and pot of gold.

Little Chick Preschool

Last year Mark went to preschool at Little Chick preschool in Iona and he absolutely loved it.  I was able to work in his classroom once a week and see what he was doing.  I loved watching him learn, grow and experience new things as well as I loved being back in the teaching world.  Here are some pics from last year.
Grandpa Schwieder took Mark on their first field trip because Andrew was 1 week old.  They had a great time.  Thanks Dad.

 Cowboy Mark

 Pumpkin patch--Choosing the very best pumpkin.

Me and my boys!
Wacky Wednesday!  We had to dress up in a weird way, don't we look great!

Different shoes, pants inside out and backwards, shirt backwards, and crazy hair.  You look wacky Mark!
Mom  on Wacky Wednesday.  Wow, I am looking beautiful!

 Preschool graduation program.

 My preschool graduate.
Mrs. Long and Mark.  Thank you Mrs. Long for all you taught my Markie.