Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At a Young Women's water activity the President thought it would be fun to fill up surgical gloves with water until they burst.  All the girls in my ward participated and they decided that a leader needed to try it as well.  I volunteered because I thought it would be fun.  Mark was a little concerned each time the girls did it so when he saw me lying on the towel with the massive glove on me he went ballistic.  I however thought it was awesome!  The anticipation was a killer then...SPLASH...lots of cold water!  Talk about refreshing!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Haroldsen Family Reunion at the Three Peaks Lodge in St. Anthony.

We took a family trip to Yellowstone.  We were going to bike a few of the trails there, but Brett had issues with his bike tires so we had to come home early.  It was Mark's first real camping trip, and he did pretty good.  It got really cold so we tried to put him in our sleeping bags and he didn't like that too much.  He also didn't really like being confined in the tent, Brett and I have decided to camp in our backyard and hopefully he will do better next time.

For the 4th of July we went don to Utah and had some fun at Grandma Babe's swimming pool.

Brett and I went hiking in Zion's National Park at the beginning of the summer.  Zion's was beautiful, it rained while we were down there which made repelling difficult but all the little waterfalls were amazing!  Brett's parents and mine shared the opportunity to babysit Mark.
This is our newest family picture.  Thankfully Mark has somewhat of a smile, he doesn't like professional pictures all that much.  Our first family picture we were all in white, this one we decided to throw in a little color and I think it turned out pretty cute. (Mark 15 Months old)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old News

For Memorial Day we went down to Utah to celebrate.  We visited my brother Mark's grave.  Mark, my son, was named after my brother so we thought this would be a neat picture.  

Brett is on an adult ballroom dance team.  In March they went down to UNLV to compete.  We stayed at my brother Scott's house and had a great time with his family.  Mark enjoyed playing with his cousin Anna (shown in the second picture) and the rainbow water feature they have in their subdivision there in Las Vegas.  Brett's dance team did very well.  They competed against 8 college dance teams and got 2nd place in the overall team competition and 1st in the individual competition, in which three couples from the team danced.