Monday, January 28, 2013

My amazing resident artist


Each year a group of kids from each state and territory is asked to design a Christmas tree ornament for the National tree and State tree in Washington DC.  This year the Idaho Falls Youth Council was chosen and they asked Brett to design and spear head the project.  It was fun for me to sit and bounce ideas with him and then watch him create these amazing ideas.  Many of the designs are based off of the different symbols of Idaho such as the white pine, Syringa, Mountain Bluebird, Cutthroat Trout, baked potato, and the Star Garnet.  He also incorporated some of the fun things to do in Idaho such as skiing and white water rafting as well as the beauties and history of Idaho like the Tetons, farming, and Chief Joseph.  He made 30 ornaments which were encased in a 5 inch plastic ball.  15 of the ornaments had 4.5 inch mirrors that he had the students etch different scenes on, the other 15 were wooden boxes that had different shapes cut out of and then he placed a watercolor picture scene inside the cut out shape.  He had each of the wooden boxes and mirrors suspended in the center of the ball, they were absolutely beautiful.

Friday, January 18, 2013


After rereading President Monson's October General Conference talk Brett and I decided it would be fun to, as a family, look back at out lives and see the blessings or "gifts" that we had been given.  Especially with it being the Christmas season and with so much focus on the commercialism, we wanted to help James and Mark focus a little more on what Christ had given them.  So for one week  I cut a square out of paper and made it look like a present, then each day we would say one gift or blessing that we had received from Heavenly Father, that gift was then put under our Christmas tree.  These are some of the gifts we are greatful for:

Santa, noses, work, knowledgeable doctors, Mommy and Daddy, IPad, music, talents, Jesus, eyes, grandmas and grandpas, pizza, bed, good neighbors, friends, prophets, family, temple.

I am greatful for a living prophet who challenges us to look back and see all that we have been given it has helped me realize how many wonderful things I receive each and every day.  I am greatful for the past Christmas season and for all the amazing things my family was blessed with last year.  Looking back upon last year I can see that my Father in Heaven is truly mindful and aware of our family, and that knowledge gives me hope and peace.