Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funny Faces

Markie and I wanted to have some fun while we were waiting for daddy to get home so this is what we did.

We spent 30 minutes making faces at the computer and really having a good time. We took about 35 pictures before Mark got board and daddy got home. Isn't technology grand, what a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

5 Wonderful Years in Review

This post is dedicated to Brett and the last 5 years of wonderful marital bliss. I am truly grateful for my husband. He is an amazing example to me and a wonderful father to our children. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. (I warn you it is a little cheezy, to avoid the cheeziness just look at the pictures.)

July 9, 2005. My one day to be Cinderella and my dreams came true when I was sealed to my very own Prince Charming.

Brett can always make me laugh! He can sense the mood I am in and is very good at listening and helping me feel better. (2005)

Brett and I graduated together which was hard work to both be doing our student teaching at the same time, but we supported each other and things worked out. (2005)

Brett and I planned a trip to Arches over Spring Break because I had never been there, Brett has always helped me and tried to help me experience new things. Arches (2006)

Grand Teton National Park. After hiking all day we waded into a lake, I began to splash Brett so he decided to throw me in, I took him with me. (2006)

Building our home, not one of the easiest things we have done with all the decisions that needed to be made, but we learned a lot about each others tastes and we truly grew closer as a result. (2006)

Our first cruise! A second honeymoon, we had an awesome time! (2006)

23 mile hike in 3 days! I have always loved the outdoors however since marring Brett I have camped more in the past 5 years than ever before. Because of that I have seen some truly beautiful and amazing places.--Union Falls (2007)

Facial Date! I don't think Brett knew how crazy I was before we got married, I am truly grateful he is willing to go along with my craziness. (2007)

Working on projects has always been fun. Brett is so skilled and good at fixing things, and if he
doesn't know how to fix something he is willing to ask questions. (2008)

Family has always been important to Brett so he always tries to put his family first. (2008)

First Family Picture, don't my boys look handsome! (2008)

Memorial Day in Zion's National Park. I love this picture because Brett really looks great! (2009)

Family in Zion's (2009)

Twinkie Date! I wasn't so sure about this but it made for a fun and creative night. (2009)

Welcome to the family, James!!! (2010)

Memorial Day--Yellowstone National Park (2010)

We have had 5 wonderful years full of blessings, trials, changes, and challenges. We have learned a lot, and had a lot of laughs. And I am looking forward to making eternity just as wonderful. I love you Brett!