Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Moved!!!

Our plan this summer was to take the kids to DisneyLand, however sometimes the Lords plans are different then ours.  To make a long story short, Brett was offered an art position in Ranchester, Wyoming.  After a lot of fasting, praying, and going to the temple we felt that we were being guided and that was we were supposed to go.

We moved out of our house and lived at David and Gwen's for 3 months.  We were worried that our house may not sell when we needed to, but with the Lord's help it sold 10 days after we put in on the market.

Andrew, my little helper.

Saying "good-bye"to Grandma and Grandpa Great.  We love you and miss you!

Stuffing the U-haul


Sleeping on Grandma's floor the night before we left.  Everything else was packed, less than 12 hours later their little lives completely changed.

All ready!

The boys are packed and ready to go.

Good-bye Idaho, we will miss you!


  1. I will miss that you guys aren't in Idaho when I randomly visit! But adventures are always worth it especially if its prompted (:

  2. Thank goodness for blogs that can keep everyone far away updated. HAve fun in Wyoming!

  3. I want your boys to come for a visit already - Oh and you guys can come too :-)