Saturday, August 31, 2013

Little Chick Preschool

Last year Mark went to preschool at Little Chick preschool in Iona and he absolutely loved it.  I was able to work in his classroom once a week and see what he was doing.  I loved watching him learn, grow and experience new things as well as I loved being back in the teaching world.  Here are some pics from last year.
Grandpa Schwieder took Mark on their first field trip because Andrew was 1 week old.  They had a great time.  Thanks Dad.

 Cowboy Mark

 Pumpkin patch--Choosing the very best pumpkin.

Me and my boys!
Wacky Wednesday!  We had to dress up in a weird way, don't we look great!

Different shoes, pants inside out and backwards, shirt backwards, and crazy hair.  You look wacky Mark!
Mom  on Wacky Wednesday.  Wow, I am looking beautiful!

 Preschool graduation program.

 My preschool graduate.
Mrs. Long and Mark.  Thank you Mrs. Long for all you taught my Markie.

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  1. I am so glad you updated about all the exciting things happening in your lives these past months! What fun adventures for your family.