Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Playin'" around

Once again this is a post that belongs back in July of last year but oh well it was a fun memory that I would like to remember.

Two summers ago Brett was in a melodrama for the city, watching him in the play reminded me of my high school days when I was in plays and I decided I wanted to do that again.  So when try-outs were announced in June I decided to go.  I assumed the director would take one look at my very pregnant belly and laugh me out the door, yet do to the fact that there were only 4 people who showed up for try-outs, including me and Brett, I was welcomed with open arms, pregnant belly and all.  I played the part of Henrietta Grinch, the towns hotel proprietress, and felt it was my duty to look down my nose and scorn the rest of the town.

Brett, of course, played the villain, Tom Bugaboo (if I hadn't been so pregnant it would have been fun to play opposite him as the towns' dance hall girl).  It was also fun to have Josh Simmons, our brother-in-law in the play as well.  He and Brett were brothers in the play, Brett was loud and obnoxious and Josh was a little slow.  Between the two of them I think they stole the show.

It really was a lot of fun.  A few people asked the director if I was supposed to look pregnant and she laughed and said "She is pregnant."  It was a little crazy working out babysitters with all the rehearsals and things, but all in all it was awesome and I hope to be able to do it again.


  1. Ha ha ha! Too funny!

  2. Very cool. It sounds like you played your part perfectly and you didn't have to wear a yellow leotard! :)

  3. I loved it - and yes, Brett and Josh stole the show.