Friday, February 1, 2013

The Story of the Three Little Cars

(I meant to publish this last June, however my card reader was having issues and all the pictures got deleted.  But better late than never:))

Once upon a time there was a family of 4, a mommy, a daddy, and 2 little boys.  The mommy drove a beautiful silver Buick Century.  She loved her car however when she found out she was going to have a baby she said to the daddy "This car is too small."  So they saved their money and drove down to Utah to look at vans.  The first one they test drove was too expensive, the second they test drove had too many miles, the third one they drove was a burgundy Chrysler Town and Country and it was just right (in fact it was so nice, had more features then the mommy knew how to use).  So the mommy and daddy decided to get the van and they drove home saying "Now everything is just right."

Then a few weeks before Memorial day Grandpa called and talked to the mommy and daddy about a "new" car for the daddy.  The mommy and daddy talked it over and the daddy looked at the car he was currently driving and said "This car is too 'old'".  So the family when back down to Utah to get a 1958 Volkswagen Bug from Grandpa.  The oldest boy said, "Daddy, your new car is a funny car."  But the daddy just smiled and said "No it is just right."

The mommy's grandpa this car new in 1958, and it has been in the family ever since.

So now the mommy had a car that was just right and the daddy had a car that was just right, but what about the 2 little boys?  Well 2 years ago the boys great grandpa gave them a go cart.  It was an old go cart that the mommy drove and played on when she was a little girl.  So the daddy decided to make it look better.  So he took off the engine and he cleaned the frame and painted the frame blue and black, painted the steering wheel, then he added a seat for the mommy or daddy to sit on, and he added carpet for the kids to put their feet on, and then added padding for on the bumper (just in case we hit something).  The boys looked at their newly refurbished go cart and then said "It is just right!"

This picture was taken before the daddy started refurbishing the boys car.  (Current picture of refurbished go cart will be posted when weather permits.)


  1. That was cute! I'm glad that everything worked out with the cars. That's always nice! :)

  2. So, does Brett have the go-cart working well? Maybe we can use it for the reunion. ??

  3. It's a fairy tale come true. (-: