Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A splash of color

It was so fun having Brett home for two weeks over the Christmas/New Year's holiday. It was unfortunate that our kids were sick for most of the time so we couldn't go out much but it was great to have him home. However because he was here so much I think the white walls of every room in the house got a little boring for him. Shortly before he went back to school he started suggesting different walls to paint and be accent walls. That surprised me, but I think I surprised him more when I went out and got paint colors and samples and I got started. We were a little daring and painted the "big" wall that extends from the front room all the way into the kitchen a light sage green color.

Of course the picture does not do it justice. But it is beautiful! The other wall that we decided to paint was the living room wall. It is on the front side of out house and has a beautiful big window and the door. We painted this wall the same sage color however it is 3-4 shades darker then the "big" wall.
With the white accents of the blinds and the molding it really looks sharp. It has been amazing to me how much a little color can brighten and change the feeling in the room, I absolutely love what we have done. However we weren't done. We decided to do a whole make over with our living room. We had family pictures and things above the piano and a picture of Christ above the stairs. We have moved the picture of Christ above the piano and we have our family above the stairs.

Sorry about the glare. Anyway, our religious things are going to be above the piano and the family is above the stairs. We have new matching frames and it has given the living room such a nice formal feel. This room has become one of my favorites.


  1. Isn't is wonderful to be able to do anything you want with your home. Sometimes when I'm feeling blah just the thought of this house is mine and I could do anything I want is refreshing! I looks great!

  2. I do like the changes in your home. And I'm glad your blogging again.

  3. I like it also. Soon I'll have a house, but I probably won't be changing wall colors for a while. I like the green.

  4. I LOVE IT! Now I just need to come see it in person. :)

  5. Looks almost as good as the wood paneling I enjoy in my home! Great job guys.