Tuesday, January 21, 2014

October fun

Snow Day!
On October 4th we woke up to an early snow and it was awesome!  Brett stayed inside with Andrew and I went outside to play with Mark and James.  We started by making snowmen and then we had a fun snow war.  We have since tried to make a snowman however we haven't had snow as good as this was.
 Mark's snowman, Barkley.

 James snowman, Mop.

Leslie's Birthday
 My birthday was October 6th and as you can see I had scouts that night.  I normally refuse to make my own cake however pumpkin cheese cake sounded too good to pass up.

The A-maz-ing Corn Maze
Some friends in our branch do a corn maze in Billings and the youth went and haunted the maze shortly before Halloween.  We stayed in a hotel that night and the next our friends let us into the maze free.  Here we are riding the cow train. (We are all in the back, I think at this point James wanted out.)

Andrew and I 

James and Mark playing in the corn box.

 Our most recent (and possibly best) family picture.

Andrew was our awesome frog this year. (As you can see we love to reuse costumes.)

James was "Tigger." (When Mark wore this costume Brett was working at IFHS and they were the tigers so Mark was a tiger, now that we are in Wyoming James said he wanted to be "Tigger.")

Mark was the "Amazing Spiderman" (This was the first costume that I have ever had to buy, I am afraid it won't be my last.)

 And I was Lucile Ball.  I studied pictures and tried to do my hair and makeup like her, my hair looked pretty good comparatively speaking.  However I just don't have her face.  Oh well all in fun.  During school hours Brett was the caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland."  It was an awesome costume he found in the costume department at the high school but unfortunately we didn't get any pics.


  1. Looks like a fun Halloween. That corn box looks fun.

  2. My boys are jealous of the snow.

  3. I love the Grandpa's farm family picture but I would have expected Brett to be the donkey or the horse. Of course you were perfect for the cow. Andrew makes a cute pig. It all looks like lots of fun.