Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Branch Pinewood Derby

Each year our new branch does a branch activity of a Pinewood Derby.  Each family is given at least one kit, however you can have more than one if it is needed, ie one for the dad and one for the kids.  The only rules was that you had to use the kit, you couldn't purchase thinner wheels on line to make it go faster or whatever you had to use what was given.  So with that being the only stipulation Brett's mind began to work and create.  His want was to have something that stuck our over the front of the car so that our car would have a bit of a head start, Mark wanted something with fire.  That is when my mind started to work.  Brett wanted a cheat, Mark wanted flames and I knew James liked marshmallows thus I designed the "Mallo-nator".  A car body that looked like a burning log, a fire on top and a marshmallow on a roasting stick.

 We made the fire and the marshmallow out of baked clay and Brett put a bunch of weights in the fire to add more weight.  The boys had fun painting and the car really looked great when it was finished.

 The missionaries had a car as well however they were unable to attend so Mark raced the missionaries car for them.  So here you have the missionary mobile and the Mallo-nator.

 Having fun before the are begins.

 And the Mallo-nator is pulling ahead.

 Getting ready to race the missionary mobile.

In the end it was the Mallo-nator vs. a 7 year old girls derby car, so before the race began Brett pulled out one of his wheels so the girl could win.  Mark's car, the missionary mobile, one one race and lost the others but he still got a prize for participating and that made it all worth it to him. We had a lot of fun with this Pinewood Derby and Brett is already dreaming of what our derby car is going to look like next year.


  1. Tsk tsk! Shame on the cheater! Ha ha!
    The cars look awesome! :D

  2. Wow, the malo-nator must have been a big hit. I also like your family photos.

  3. Yes, Brett is willing to cheat to win but in the end gives up the win for a little girl - so typical.
    I love him!