Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paper chain of preparation and fun!

On Sunday the 17th of June I had an epiphany, James was sick so I stayed home from church with him.  As I was home with James I began to think of all the things I needed and wanted to do before this third little baby came.  That was when inspiration struck!!!  I decided to make a paper chain with 98 links, each link representing a day until the little monkey was born (actually that puts me 2 days late, but Mark's first Primary program is the 23rd and I can't miss it, neither can Brett because he is the chorister, I just hope this little guy cooperates).  Some of the things I have on my chain are buy diapers, a new baby outfit, make a Christmas stocking, prepare the baby's room, make some freezer meals, pack my bag, and paint my toes (obviously those last two are towards the end, and yes painting my toes is a necessity).  Those things are things I feel I want or need to do before he comes.  Some of my fun chain links are paint rocks with Markie, read books, go to the zoo, 9 temple trips, 9 dates, finger paint with sweet and condensed milk, finger paint with shaving cream.  Basically I wanted to spend lots of time with my boys.

 The chain, not the best picture because of the light behind it but you get the general gist.

Painting rocks with Markie.  This was the first link on the chain.  He had been asking to paint rocks for a couple of days.  I don't know where he got the idea to paint rocks but we really had a great time.


  1. How fun! I did a chain for Lincoln but I didn't but fun things on each link.

  2. We are a paper chain family. They are great for all kinds of things!

  3. What a cool idea! I hope you get to do all those chains. :)

  4. That is really neat. I want to make a chain to. Of course, mine wouldn't be a count down like yours.