Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adventures at Antelope Island

The first night at Antelope Island we had a pretty cool looking lightening storm, the unfortunate thing was lightening struck down a mile away from our camp. It was quite a sight to come out of your tent and see a huge fire blazing.

After being evaquated at 9:30 and haveing to pack up the kids really were troopers and did well. Poor James and Mark were so tired they fell asleep in the car while we decided where to stay the night. (I just love how Mark's leg is draped across James).

On Friday, we went to the Hill Air Force Aerospace Museum. Mark and I have always loved airplanes and it was so cool to see all the old bombers and fighters. Mark loves to see the planes fly so we stopped to watch a movie of one of the planes. In the movie the plane is showed being refueled. As Mark was watching the plane being refueled mid-flight he said, "Look Mommy, that airplane brought its baby." That put the biggest smile on my face, kids are so great!

Mark trying on pilot goggles and helmet--they were so big on him he could only look out of one eye piece at a time. Seeing him in this made me think of Star Wars.

James loves being outside and camping for two days and spending a whole day on the Great Salt Lake beach was heaven for him. James was always digging in the dirt, I have never seen a happier/dirtier little boy.

I experienced many firsts this weekend some were good and some were an adventure but these firsts made for an awesome time!!! Thank you Shannalee and Josh for planning such a fun family reunion.


  1. Looks like you had a good time. Can't say that I have ever been evacuated from camping my a fire, though, that is exciting! I am glad you are all safe.

  2. Oh my how the boys have grown and you guys still having fun adventures. Amazing how you still can have adventures when you have kids.

  3. Leslie, you got some great pictures. We sure had a great time.