Monday, May 30, 2011

Not a baby any more

I was so excited for James to come, I was watching the monitors while I was pushing and I saw the contraction was going away. Wanting him to come so badly I said "Come back contraction." Brett, the doctor and the nurses thought that was funny and the doctor said "Oh, the blessing of an epidural." James minutes old.

Beautiful blue eyes, I love looking at James's eyes! James 2 months.

Mark and James have been great friends from day one, when James was in his chair Mark would put his chair next to James. I hope they always remain close. James 3 months.

Great smile!!! James 3 months.

Carving the big pumpkin (thanks mom and dad). James 6 months.

Halloween night, what a cute little frog. James 6 months.

My Christmas Angel! This is one of my favorite pictures of James. James 8 months.

James got a jumper for Christmas and he would jump for hours, Brett and I couldn't believe he fell asleep in it as well. James 9 months.

James has always loved the kitty. Most of the time he likes to crawl after her, put one arm over the top, give a little yell and then body slam the cat. Thankfully our kitty is very patient and will just sit there until James is ready to get off of her. I guess James is practicing to be a WWF wrestler. James 11 months.

James first birthday. James 1 year.

James eating his first birthday cake, he was using his hands until he decided that was taking too long so he decided to dive in face first. (We have it on video however the video didn't want to load, sorry.)

Don't blink you might miss your kids growing up. This past year with James it has been just like that, it seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to him and now he is a year old and on the verge of walking. James has such a fun personality, even though he is only one he has already learned how to tease and wrestle with Mark, which can be both good and bad. He is very patient with Mark which is good because Mark is still learning that all the toys in the house don't belong to him anymore. James learned to give really tight hugs when he was 10 months old and when I am having a bad day there is nothing better than to get a great big hug from him. James has learned some things faster than Mark, like how to open the gait to the stairs, and he also puts things in his mouth more thank Markie ever did which can sometimes be a frustration for Brett and I. James really likes to read books and I will often find him in Mark's room with a book open on the floor in front of him and he is turning the pages looking at the book. James loves the bath and often times I think I get wetter than he does. James really has added a sweet spirit into our home and I feel truly blessed to be his mother.
Happy Birthday, James.


  1. "Time flies on wings of lightening" just like the hymn says! I can't believe he is one either! It seems like we have only seen him a handful of times!! Thank you for your concern with my brother, I appreciate that! You are a great person and friend. As for the rock on our house, your great bishop is helping us! It is fun to be around him, they have such an incredible family. He did say you were a great lady and Brett is a great guy. Don't quote me on that, but it was something to that positive effect! Now that it is summer we need to have a BBQ! Maybe we'll get something in the works!

  2. You need to print this blog for James' scrap book. What a fun first year history.