Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

This is the first year we have really celebrated Easter with Mark, and I think Mark had a pretty great year. We were invited to 4 different Easter egg hunts a neighborhood hunt, the YM/YW put a hunt together, our city hunt, and a family Easter egg hunt, which were a lot of fun. We also colored eggs which made for a fun Mark and mom project.

Mark using the 'magic crayon' on an egg.

Mark finding an easter egg in our flower bed.

This is how James enjoyed most of the Easter egg hunts. It was pretty cold for 2 of the 4 hunts and he is still to small to eat the candy in the eggs. Isn't he so cute!

While hunting for eggs around our neighborhood Mark fell he got a little owwie. Just the war wounds that come with having fun I guess.

Easter egg hunt at Grandma Schwieder's house.

"I found another one mom!"

After dinner and the Easter egg hunts Brett took the cousins on a go-cart ride. I think that was the biggest hit of the entire day. I am glad it was a nice day so the kids could enjoy the go-cart.

The Easter Bunny came to our house on Friday night/Saturday morning. When Mark woke up there was some string out side his door. I told him that the Easter bunny left a present for him and that he needed to follow the string in order to find his present. He didn't want to find it until Brett came home from soccer later that night.

Mark got the scripture readers as an Easter present. Brett thought since Easter was a more spiritual holiday it would be better to give the kids a more spiritual type gift. I thought that was a neat idea and a fun tradition to start. I hope we can remember and continue it.


  1. How sweet! I'm afraid I was poopy this year and we didn't do anything. Plus, I agree with Brett, that it's a spiritual holiday, and so throwing candy at the kids didn't seem appropriate. :P (Although, I DID fill up the candy jars in the kitchen, as sort of a Eastery treat!)

  2. We gotta come visit and try that go cart sometime!

  3. It was a good day. Thanks for organizing it for us.:)