Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flour Fun

For Family Home Evening I thought it would be fun to play the flour game (I was inspired to do this after I saw my sister in law Shanalee's post). We really had a lot of fun. Markie especially enjoyed sticking his face in the flour because he thought it tasted good. YUCK!

Markie trying to get the quarter.

I got the quarter!

We all got a little messy, but that was all part of the fun. During clean up Brett thought it would be fun to throw a handful of flour at me and start a flour fight. The fight went like this--Brett got me, I got him, Mark thought it looked like fun so he got me and then Brett got me again. I think I need a girl or two over here to be on my team, these boys are ganging up on me.

Me after my boys got me, I am a mess!

For only getting Brett once I think I did a pretty good job.


  1. Ha ha ha! That's awesome!

    P.S. Clean up must have been reeeaaallly fun. :P

  2. Awesome. We all have Josh to thank. I had forgotten that game. Elden and Mark will have to play it together some time. (-:

  3. What a good reminder of that game!! We totally played that for FHE when I was little! Wow. Good job on getting Brett. Now we know what to do on our next double date....;)

  4. Give me a call next time I would be happy to come lend a hand and gang up on the boys... Someday I am sure you will get more girls in your family. I am sure that was a way fun FHE!

  5. Fun!!! You guys make me feel guilty that my kids never got to do such things.

  6. You are better than me. It makes me anxious just to see that mess. It is probably because my kids like water so much that I am pretty sure we would all turn into that glue you use to make homemade pinatas.