Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love to see the temple

Mark has always loved the temple and he is constantly asking to go, so last Sunday when the temperature had warmed up to a beautiful 50 degrees we bundled up the kids and went. We walked around the temple a few times and talked to Mark about the importance of the temple. We told him that Mommy and Daddy got married in the temple and because we did we will always be a family. We then when to the visitors center and listened to the Christus presentation. We showed Markie the prints of the nails in Jesus' hands and feet, and the senior missionary invited Markie to touch the marks. After seeing the displays Markie sat in front of the Christus again, the senior missionary played the Christus presentation for me in Spanish and then once again in Japanese for Brett. I loved the Spirit that we felt as a family and it was so neat to share my testimony of the temple to Mark, and to watch him as he looked at the different pictures there and as he heard the presentation.


  1. What a sweet experience! I'm glad it was nice enough for you guys to go. :)

  2. I can't believe you got a 50 degree day! I'm quite jealous.

    Sounds like a great day.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for loving and teaching my grandsons so well. I love you guys