Thursday, May 20, 2010

The newest Cub Scout...Master

Brett was recently called to be the Cubmaster for our ward. Wednesday was his first pack meeting and he did a wonderful job. He remembered that when he first became a cub scout the Cubmaster put a bobcat hat and gloves on him and then drew on a nose and whiskers with black eyeliner. The new cub scout didn't have to wear the costume the whole time, however they could not wash off the nose and whiskers until they had done a good turn. There are two new cub scouts and Brett decided that because he was new he should do it as well. I got the honors of painting the nose and whiskers on his face and Brett had a tail made especially for him. He really got the audience laughing.
The theme for the pack meeting was talents and they did a Grammy/Oscar night. As you know from watching these award shows there are commercials that go on in between handing out the awards so Brett decided to put some "commercials" in the pack meeting between the skits. Here Brett is showing off "Handy Dandy Cream", you can shave with it, wash your body with it, and if you get hungry while in the shower you can even eat it. He also did a commercial for "Left Guard" deodorant, from the makers of Right Guard. You see Right Guard is for the right side and so they had to make Left Guard for the left side. Parents understood that one a little more then the kids however it still was funny. He just did those 2 commercials however the kids were asking for more.

Brett really has a talent with kids, he has the ability to have fun and get down on their same level yet still have their respect. I am always amazed to see the energy that he has. It is going to be fun and exciting to see all the fun things that he is going to do as well as learn.


  1. Awesome! You guys are having way too much fun up there. :P How is baby??

  2. Yes, I do have amazing kids. And they married amazing kids. So of course we expect a lot from their kids but we will just patiently wait for it to appear - no pushing.

  3. He will be a great cubmaster because he is just a BIG kid. I'm sure you'll do your share of helping. Sounds like it was a fun night.